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Walkden 9 - 26/05/12

This week some more images from Walkden Gardens, what a great place.

My Back Yard - 19/05/12

Okay this is very different for me and very close to home. I have always used my garden for test short but never for anything else, so here is a start of a mini project, that I might post some more shots on in the future, called My Back Yard.

Beverley Minster - 12/05/12

Some images from a quick trip to Beverley Minster.

Ordsall Hall, Salford - 05/05/12

Some images that I have been meaning to take for years at Ordsall Hall. It was getting late and the light was going, but at least you will get an idea of the place.

Saltburn - 28/04/12

This week some images from Saltburn or Saltburn By The Sea to give the official name.

Skyscapes - 21/04/12

I seem to fly often and I am getting more fascinated by skyscapes but only taken from above.

Whitby - 14/04/12

This week some images from Whitby.

Fireworks - 07/04/12

I do like this set. Maybe it is because I left my tripod at a hotel and had to take them all handheld. So this week Fireworks.

Parque Rural - 31/03/12

Well other than some pano's the last of my images from Fuerteventura are of Parque Rural.

Mirador Corrales de Guize - 24/03/12

I got some great panos from here but first some images from Mirador Corrales de Guize, Fuerteventura.

El Cotillo - 17/03/12

Next some images El Oliva, Fuerteventura.

El Cotillo - 10/03/12

Continuing the theme, next are some images from El Cotillo, Fuerteventura.

Corralejo - 03/03/12

Continuing the theme, next are some images from Corralejo, which was the previous capital of Fuerteventura.

Caleta de Fueste - 25/02/12

This next images from Fuerteventura are from Caleta de Fueste, which was our base.

Betancuria - 18/02/12

This week sees the start of the Fuerteventura theme starting with Betancuria, which was the first capital of the island.

Walkden Gardens - 11/02/12

I am still working on the Fuerteventura images, so here are some images from Walkden Gardens, which were taken last October.

Shibden Hall - 10/02/12

A late posting due to a quick trip to Fuerteventura. Some images from two weekends ago from a snowy and icy Shibden Hall.

Greenwich - 21/01/12

This week the last of the theme and some general view of Greenwich.

O2 - 21/01/12

This week continuing the Greenwich theme some images from The Royal Observatory.

O2 - 14/01/12

This week is the start of a mini Greenwich theme with around the O2 Arena.

Dad - 07/01/12

Must be one of the hardest sets that I have got together, so images of my Dad, who lost his fight with cancer on the 5 January 2009.

Betws-y-Coed - 31/12/11

Happy New Year. The last of the Welsh themed images is Betws-y-Coed.

Holyhead - 24/12/11

Maybe not really Christmas images but this week I have uploaded some images from Holyhead.

Llanddwyn Island - 17/12/11

This week I have uploaded some images from Llanddwyn Island.

Borth-y-Gest - 10/12/11

Carrying on the Welsh theme, this week I have uploaded some images from Borth-y-Gest.

South Stack - 03/12/11

This week some images from South Stack.

Llanberis - 26/11/11

This week some images from Llanberis.

Caernarfon - 19/11/11

This week is the start of a series of images from Wales. So lets start with Caernarfon.

Paris - 12/11/11

And the last of the trilogy, some general images from Paris.

Notre Dame, Paris - 05/11/11

Keeping on the Paris theme, this week some images of Notre Dame.

Louvre, Paris - 30/10/11

Some images from the Louvre in Paris and yes it did rain afterwards.

The Angel of the North - 22/10/11

Some images that I took this morning from the Angel of the North.

St.Paul's Sale - 15/10/11

This week some stained glass images from St.Paul's church in Sale.

Concorde - 08/10/11

After a week in Finland and France, I have just uploaded some quick images of Concorde.

Walkden Gardens - 01/10/11

Some new imags from Walkden Gardens, just to prove Walkden Gardens still looks stunning late on a miserable wet September day.

Tallinn - 24/09/11

Just one image this week to finish the Tallinn theme, but a great pano from over Tallinn.

Tallinn - 17/09/11

This week some of the images from Tallinn.

Llangollen Canal - 10/09/11

This week I got some great images from Helsinki and Tallinn. However, continuing the Welsh theme here are some images from the Llangollen Canal.

Llangollen - 03/09/11

This week some images from Llangollen or Ysiopfachgardiauwrthybontdrosyrafonddyfrdwyynllangollen depending where you come from.

Horseshoe Falls - 27/08/11

This week some images from the other end of the Llangollen Canal at the Horseshoe Falls.

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct - 20/08/11

The week over and under the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, sometimes called 'a stream in the sky'. Thomas Telford and William Jessops built this 307 metre long, 38 metres tall, cast iron navigable aqueduct that carries the Llangollen Canal over the valley of the River Dee in Wrexham in north east Wales. It is the longest and highest aqueduct in Britain and was completed in1805. It is also a Grade I Listed Building and a World Heritage Site.

Oulton Park - 13/08/11

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go on a Drifting course at the Oulton Park race track. During a few spare minutes I was able to take some images from the main circuit.

Epcot - 06/08/11

Just one image this week to finish the Epcot theme, but a great pano of the Epcot Lands.

Epcot - 30/07/11

Some images from a day at Epcot.

Budapest II - 23/07/11

This week some more images from another trip to Budapest.

Partridge - 16/07/11

Some images of a Partridge.

Walkden Gardens - 09/07/11

This week some more images from Walkden Gardens.

Helsinki and Portraits - 02/07/11

The end of a busy week. First some images from a boat trip in Helsinki from Monday, and two portrait sessions from Thursday - Melissa and a General session.

Whinfell Forest - 25/06/11

As a follow on from last week some images of Whinfell Forest, Cumbria.

Red Squirrel - 18/06/11

After a week in Whinfell Forest, Cumbria, some images of the very timid Red Squirrel.

Epcot Dome - 11/06/11

Just back from Orlando and totally jet-lagged so I may change these. But this week some images from a structure that has always fascinated me the Epcot Dome.

Bridgewater Canal - 04/06/11

The Bridgewater Canal is 250 years old this year. As part of a mini project this week I have uploaded some images fom Bridge 66 to 56, which can be viewed from here. This is from the start of the canal in Leigh where it cnnects to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and through Astley Green.

MGA 59 - 28/05/11

Some images from last weekend of a rebuilt MGA 1959 Twin Cam car.

London - 21/05/11

Just one image this week but a great pano of London taken from the Royal Observatory.

Helsinki Uspenski Cathedral - 14/05/11

Some views of the Helsinki Uspenski Cathedral.

Twitter - 08/05/11

As a trial I am also going to broadcast my weekly image topics on Twitter, so to be kept informed just click the following

Follow clivearobinson on Twitter.

Helsinki Lutheran Cathedral - 07/05/11

Some views of the Helsinki Lutheran Cathedral.

Helsinki - 30/04/11

Some general views taken one night a few weeks ago in Helsinki. Truely the land of the midnight sun and beautiful clear light.

Walkden Gardens - 23/04/11

This week some spring images fom Walkden Gardens.

Singing Ringing Tree - 16/04/11

This week I have included a pano overlooking Burnley from the Singing Ringing Tree

Singing Ringing Tree - 9/04/11

This week some images of the Singing Ringing Tree, which is a wind powered sound sculpture resembling a tree overlooking Burnley, in Lancashire, which was erected in 2006. It is part of four sculptures which were created for the Panopticons arts and regeneration project.

John O'Groats Pano - 2/04/11

This week a pamoramic view from John O'Groats.

Spring in Walkden Gardens - 26/03/11

I have just got back from the snow in Helsinki, so as a nice change this week some spring images from Walkden Gardens.

Atlanta - 19/03/11

This week I have included some images from Atlanta, Georgia.

War Memorial - 12/03/11

War Memorial at Port Sunlight, before and after cleaning.

Lady Lever - 05/03/11

Some images that I took today of the Statues at the Lady Level Art Gallery at Port Sunlight.

Nairn - 26/02/11

Some images from Nairn, Scotland.

Huntsville 3 - 19/2/11

This week another trip to Huntsville and a stroll down Bridge Street.

Crystals - 11/2/11

Something for a change this week Crystals.

Berkeley - 05/02/11

Images from a quick visit to Berkeley in the US.

Inveraray - 29/01/11

Some images from Inveraray, Scotland.

Holmfirth - 22/01/11

Some views around Holmfirth, before the snow and rain returned.

Hawes - 15/01/11

Back to Yorkshire this week with some images from Hawes.

Glenco - 8/01/11

Some different views of the area around Glenco.

Loch Awe - 1/1/11

Happy New Year and some images from Loch Awe.

Oban - 27/12/10

Some images from Oban, the Seafood Capital of Scotland.

What a difference a day makes - 19/12/10

Differences in Walkden Gardens, Sale between the 17 and 18 December Walkden.

Balloch - 18/12/10

Back to Scotland with some images from Balloch.

Mancheseter Xmas Market - 11/12/10

Getting into the Christmas spirit some images this week from the Christmas market in Manchester.

All Saints and Walkden Gardens - 04/12/10

Two sets of images this week. Again from Yorkshire - All Saints, Orton and from Sale Walkden Gardens in the snow.

Shap Abbey - 27/11/10

Thia weeks images are from - Shap Abbey.

Pendragon Castle - 20/11/10

Carrying on from the Yorkshire Dales theme - Pendragon Castle.

Cotterdale - 13/11/10

From a long weekend in the Yorkshire Dales the town of Cotterdale.

Loch Ness - 06/11/10

On the loch theme I have just uploaded some images from Loch Ness.

Loch Oich - 30/10/10

This week some images from Loch Oich Scotland.

Walkden Gardens - 23/10/10

As a short break from Scotland this week I have added some more images from Walkden Gardens.

Culloden - 16/10/10

More somber images this week from the battlefield at Culloden.

Pitlochry - 10/10/10

Images from Pitlochry.

Wick - 2/10/10

This week is the turn of Wick.

Findhorn - 25/09/10

A place many people would have heard of but never have visited - Findhorn.

John O'Groats - 18/09/10

I thought that the first images I would post from Scotland should be the most northerly - John O'Groats.

Windsor - 08/09/10

After my trip to the US I had a week in Scotland and last week I was in Finland, so I have many images to upload. I will start with these from a visit to Windsor.

Matlock Bath - 21/08/10

There hasn't been any updays for a few weeks as I have been in the US. However, I have just uploaded some image from Matlock Bath.

Port Sunlight - 31/07/10

These are some images that I took at Port Sunlight.

Flower Show - 12/07/10

This weekend I was in London and on Saturday, together with half of London, I visited the Hampton Court Flower Show. Some images can be found here. I also have many more images of different places that I must process this week.

Castleton - 25/06/10

This week I visited Castleton which is somewhere that I haven't been to in years. Some images can be found here.

Sale Festival - 18/06/10

As part of the 2010 Sale Festival I was invited on the Sale Cruising Club Boat Parade along the Bridgewater Canal. Some images can be found here.

Sale Chamber Orchestra - 12/06/10

From a session this week with the SCO.

Stockholm - 31/05/10

This week I have been in Stockholm and Helsinki. I did complete some panos that I need to process but some images of Stockholm can be found here.

Copenhagen - 30/04/10

This week the last of my images from Copenhagen.

Copenhagen - 23/04/10

This week the first of my images from Copenhagen.

Paris France - 19/04/10

Over the last few weeks I have been in Finland, Paris, and Copenhagen so not much chance for an update. I almost got stuck in Budapest last week but that is another story. I have just uploaded some images of Paris - here.

Gent Belgium - 06/03/10

Last week I was in Belgium. I have just uploaded some images of Gent - here. There was a lot of construction going on and their new tram system was being built, but still a fantastic city.

India - 20/02/10

I have been away for the best part of three weeks. Last week in Finland and the two previous weeks in India where I visited Mumbai, Delhi and Vadodra. You can find some images here - Mumbai.and Vadodara

Finland - 15/01/10

Just back from Finland where I took Trees in snow and ice.

Happy New Year - 31/12/09

Previous news items can now be found here or using the link on the Navigation tab.

Another Place - 28/12/09

Some images from a cold windly Crosby Beach featuring Another Place

Above Boot - 04/12/09

I have just added some images from the hills above Boot in Cumbria including some derelict buildings and stone circle. They can be accessed from here

Panoramic Views - 22/11/09

I have been playing with some new panoramic technology today and I have just uploaded the following examples Eskdale, Cumbrian Hills, Niagra Falls

Dream in St.Helens - 14/11/09

Some images from a trip to Dream in St.Helens on the site of the summit of the former Sutton Manor Colliery.

Ravenglass to Eskdale Railway - 07/11/09

Some images from a trip on the Ravenglass to Eskdale Railway.

Oslo, Norway - 31/10/09

This week some images from a quick trip to Oslo.

Esk Falls - 24/10/09

Another walk in the Lake District. This time from Boot to Esk Falls.

Lake District - 03/10/09

The last part of the Lake District set is a walk through Ambleside. But I will be back in the Lake District in a few weeks time.

Lake District - 26/09/09

The third part of a Lake District theme is a walk to Winderrmere.

Lake District - 19/09/09

The second part of a Lake District theme is a walk around Lily Tarn.

Lake District Part 1 of 4 - 14/09/09

The first part of a Lake District theme. A walk around Rydal Water.

Amsterdam - 22/08/09

Last weekend was just supposed to be a normal weekend and a trip back from Helsinki. But thanks to a catering truck hitting the plane I had an enforced night and morning in Amsterdam. But I did get a chance to take same images -Amsterdam.

Portrait Session in Sale - 08/08/09

Some images from a portrait session can be seen here.

Denver - 25/07/09

Well since the last posting I have been to Denver and Huntsville via New York and Atlanta, and Frankfurt last week. However I only had time to take some images in Denver which can be seen from here.

Stars & Stripes, Classic American Car Show - 11/07/09

From last weeks event at Tatton Park cars, custom cars, vans and trucks .

Rabbits and ducks - 04/07/09

And also to readdress the balance I have just added some more animal images - rabbits and ducks.

Owls and natural history - 27/06/09

Someone said that I donít have many natural history images, which is true. Normally I travel light but this time I took my zoom lens for these owls images.

Lyme Park, Disley, Stockport - 14/06/09

A terrible thing to admit that I have never been to Lyme Park before. But a place I will go to again. But will the light ever be so good again? - Lyme Park

Tatton Park Classic Cars - 06/06/09

I have uploaded four sets of images from last week Classic Car event - Vintage Cars, Classic Cars, Classic Sports Cars, Classic MG Cars

Salford Quays - 30/05/09

Today I have uploaded something closer to home - Salford Quays.

Yokohama, Japan - 23/05/09

I have just added some images from Yokohama, Japan. This year they are celebrating the event of 150 years since the port was opened - Yokohama.

Tokyo, Japan - 18/05/09

Last week I was in Japan so here are some images - Tokyo. I will add the images from Yokohama soon.

Old Trafford, Stretford - 08/05/09

Some images from outside that football ground - link.

Castlefields Manchester - 02/05/09

Well I was in Milan this week, but no time for images. So, I have uploaded the images that I took today from Castlefields, Manchester. link.

Conwy - 24/04/09

Today I have added some images from Conwy - Conwy.

Llandudno - 18/04/09

Images from Llandudno and the amazing light on the pier - Llandudno.

Heptonshall - 10/04/09

Images in and around Heptonshall which is above Hebdon Bridge - Heptonshall.

Blackpool - 04/04/09

Been away again but no images this week. So, I put some together from two trips to Blackpool. Not one of my favorite places and I think that shows in the images. These images can be seen from here.

London Eye - 24/03/09

Yesterday I took some images around the London Eye. There is still something about the geometry that I find stunning. These images can be seen from here.

Trips to Canada and the US - 07/03/09

I have been in Canada and the US for the last few weeks and was lucky enough to have a spare Saturday and a few evenings to take some images of Toronto, Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake and the US Space and Rocket Center at Huntsville. Typical nothing for a while then almost 200 images.

Flower Study 1 - 07/02/09

I have not had any free time recently to take any images as my dad died on the 05/02/09. I had a spare hour today so I took these images with a new lens - Flower Study 1

Chepstow Castle - 03/01/09

Chepstow Castle is the first set of images for this year - Chepstow Castle

Update - 31/12/08

Well the last update for this year and the images are from Hebden Bridge

Update - 30/12/08

Some images of Walkden Garden throughout the sessions can now be found from here Walkden Gardens and I have also added some images from Corfu - Corfu Town

Update - 29/12/08

I have also got around to processing my Hot Air Bolloon event images - and lots still to go. The images can also be seen here Balloon Events

Update - 28/12/08

I have finally got around to processing my Lake Como images. The images can also be seen here Lake Como

Update - 23/11/08

Yesterday I went to Caernarfon Castle which is somewhere that I have not been for years. The weather was cold, wet and mainly dark. However, the images were okay - see Caernarfon Castle

Update - 22/11/08

Once again can I thank anyone who voted for my image in the Co-Operative Travel's Big Picture competition. On Friday I received my prize which is a Panasonic Lumix camera which has an amazing Leica lens.

Update - 15/11/08

I have just returned from Vilnius which is the capital of Lithuania and will be the European Capital of Culture in 2009. All very different from the communist times when it was part of Russia.. I only had very limited time there and the light was not very kind when I had time to get out and about. The images can be found here - Vilnius

Update - 02/11/08

I have just had a few minutes to get some images of Cork together and they can be found here - Cork

Update - 31/10/08

Thank you if you voted for me as I have just found out that I got into the last twelve in Co-Operative Travel's Big Picture competition. Also I have just returned from Huntsville, Alabama in the US and some images can be found here - Huntsville

Competition - 15/10/08

I found out today that I am through to the last 20 in Co-Operative Travel's Big Picture competition. If you would like to vote for me my image is number 4 and depicts:

The captain of the Guard at Deoksugung Palace - an island of peace and serenity at the heart of the bustling city of Seoul, Korea, which has 23 million inhabitants at its doorstep

Votes can be registered and images viewed through Co Op link

Gallery Update - 12/10/08

Yesterday I visited Bolton Priory at Bolton Abbey, which is the ruins of a 12th-century Augustinian priory on the banks of the River Wharfe, within the estate of the Duke of Devonshire. Only the church nave survives intact and the images can also be viewed using this link - Bolton Priory

Today I went to Arley Hall and the Autumn colours were fantastic see - Arley Hall

Gallery Update - 27/09/08

I have just uploaded some images that I took last week in Chester. They can also be viewed using this link - Chester

Status update - 25/09/08

Phase II is now complete as I have just uploaded the places slideshow - Places The next thing I have to do is to upload some images from London, Chester and Salford Quays.

Start of the update - 20/09/08

Last week I started a major rewrite of this website. The phase I have just completed is for two slideshows. All the exiting gallery images will be recreated within the next few days so please return soon. The slideshows can be accessed using the following links - Latest and all

New website goes live - 13/09/08

I have just uploaded the new website which I hope you find easy to use and navigate. I have also uploaded some new images which can be accessed using this link - Skyscapes

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